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New International Property Services

New International Property Services

Our services have been extended having a dual qualified Spanish solicitor/abogado who provides a wide range of legal services in relation to Spanish property and International Property matters with the firm Keystone Law.

Buying or selling property in Spain
We can advise clients on the variety of Spanish legal documents which they are likely to encounter as a buyer, owner or seller of property in Spain, along with complex issues such as Spanish inheritance laws and tax planning.

Purchase or sale of existing and ‘off plan’ properties in Spain: Our Spanish solicitor is capable of handling every aspect of the conveyancing process, ensuring your purchase or sale of Spanish property runs smoothly.

Spanish commercial property / Spanish company formation: Our Spanish solicitor and our international colleagues based in Spain can assist our clients with every aspect of the acquisition or formation of Spanish companies and Spanish commercial property.

Spanish contracts and other legal documentation: We can explain Spanish contracts and legal documentation, helping you avoid potentially costly complications during the sale or purchase process.

Spanish inheritance law: Spanish inheritance tax can be as high as 81.6%; it is therefore important that you contact a Spanish legal expert prior to purchasing property in Spain, in order to establish your position in relation to the country’s inheritance laws.

Tax planning for Spain: The aim of our Spanish solicitor is to help clients minimise their tax liability, creating a framework that allows maximum flexibility for future adaptation.

Wills and Probate: Our Spanish solicitor can advise clients on the implications of purchasing property in Spain, in relation to existing UK Wills, assist with settling estates in Spain and complex cross border and domicile issues.

Matrimonial, divorce and family issues relating to Spanish property:Our Spanish solicitor  can help minimise any complications related to a divorce or family issues and the ownership of Spanish property.

Litigation in Spain: With the assistance of Spanish based colleagues and contacts, we can help clients with issues related to property disputes, debt recovery and other Spanish litigious matters.

Power of attorney for Spain (poder notarial): The power of attorney or poder notarial in Spanish, allows a third party to handle your affairs. Our Spanish solicitor can assist clients by drafting an appropriate power of attorney to meet their specific requirements rearding a purchase, sale, inheritance, NIE application, etc., and assisting with the notarisation and legalisation process.

NIE or CIF (ID numbers): We can assist non-residents in the acquisition of a Spanish fiscal identification number (for an individual or a company). If you wish to buy property and pay tax in Spain, it is essential that you obtain an ID numbers as early as possible.

Spanish bilingual legal documents: Our Spanish legal experts draft bilingual legal documents in-house saving our clients time and money.

General ad hoc advice relating to Spanish property and “follow up” service: We can also provide general and practical legal advice on a variety of Spanish legal issues.

Contact our Spanish lawyer for an initial free consultation and to see how we can be of assistance on 07400 914 407, by email: or request a call back for an initial free conversation.

I am a dual-qualified and bilingual solicitor and Spanish lawyer who also holds a Master Degree in International Law. She advises clients on cross-border matters, specialising in legal issues related to Spanish property transactions including property purchases and sales in Spain, transfers of Spanish property on divorce, and Spanish probate matters. I also provide Spanish inheritance and succession advice and has experience in drafting and dealing with Spanish wills and bilingual powers of attorney, affidavits and certificates of law.I regularly present seminars on the topic of Spanish property law and has had articles published by various overseas property publications.


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