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Buying property in Spain: Top Tips from our Spanish lawyer (Part 1)

Buying property in Spain: Top Tips from our Spanish lawyer (Part 1)

Buying property in Spain: Top Tips from our Spanish lawyer (Part 1)

The combination of the Spanish property market reaching its lowest prices, strength of the Sterling against the Euro and the desire to spend more time in the sun and escape the British wet and cold weather, has seen many people purchasing their dream home in Spain and many others looking into this and researching the market for their Spanish property.

No doubt this is one of the most exciting times in life and not one that you would go through many times either. It is therefore important that the right steps are taken and that you do not feel pressurised in any way. Take your time and organise your homework before you embark in such an important decision.

Our Spanish lawyer & Solicitor specialised in Spanish property law will be delighted to assist you in the purchase of your Spanish property and discuss any aspects prior to your purchase or once you have found the Spanish property that you wish to purchase.

We have put together a list of the main points that we would flag and that you should consider before embarking in the purchase of your Spanish property:

  • Decide the area where you want to purchase: Mainland Spain or coastal location?

Spain is a huge country with lots of different traditions and offerings in each area. It is therefore important that you consider the area where you wish to look for Spanish properties. It is not only the sun that Spain offers but also many cultural traditions, sports, country life, beach life, city life….  and you definitely want to consider all these options that Spain has to offer.

  • Would you like to buy in a British ex-pat area or in a Spanish natives’ area?

Another very important point to consider is whether you want to mix with the Spanish natives and adopt their traditions and life style or whether you would rather look for British national’s areas where you can make friends and socialise as you would do back in the UK.

  • Consider off plan properties or new properties from a developer and second hand properties

Very important point to consider. Not as many off plan properties are being currently built in Spain as they had been in the past, whilst the stock of new properties already built that have not been sold yet by developers is considerable however and as per various market studies the second hand property seems to be the one offering bottom prices and real opportunities. It is a very personal choice however do consider all the options as you might have a nice surprise!

  • Explore the area and different towns nearby

You might fall in love with an area and once you do it is worth exploring nearby towns as they might have lots to offer and you may find that a town that was not originally in your mind could indeed be the one that you finally go for.


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